Kunzwana Women’s Association has forged strong partnerships with several multilateral, bilateral, international community and national institutions including the private sector. The guiding principles in any partnership continue to emphasize on the commonality of objectives.

The partnership with the UN system resident in Zimbabwe has been crucial in updating the Association on current and emerging development trends and goals. The MDG framework which the UNDP has championed has also been considered in Kunzwana’s programming.

Various line ministries within the Government of Zimbabwe have included Kunzwana in their programming especially that Kunzwana is also present in 194 villages throughout Zimbabwe. Government policy on development results and impact has provided the Association with pointers when directing resources. Kunzwana has ensured that a bottom up approach is maintained by channelling women’s needs and priorities back to the government through sustained communication with local ministry representatives.

Local leadership and stakeholders are crucial to the success of Kunzwana’s development work. They indicate local priority areas which Kunzwana members have to consider when they are drawing their own club activities. The cordial relationship that exists manifests in additional resources which the community through local leadership provides to Kunzwana members. In some areas, women have been provided with land in order to establish communal gardens and engage in small livestock rearing.

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