The objectives of Kunzwana have been aligned with several policy announcements global frameworks such as the achievements of the MDGs and Medium Term Plan and Ministry of Women Affairs Gender and Community Development guidelines. These are stated below as follows;

Economically empower women and youth through the provision of practical skills training in a variety of skills for income generation and self-sustenance.

Foster strong market linkages, train in market sustainable strategies and explore the potential of supplying international markets with world class quality products and produce.

Develop Information, Educational and Communication materials which are suitable for illiterate and semi illiterate members on issues and matters that affect the well being of women and youths.

Advocate for improved access to health facilities for women including regular checks for breast and cervical cancer, ante natal care and the promotion of primary health care, train in home based care, personal hygiene and cleanliness.

Mainstream gender, civic education and human rights awareness in all Kunzwana activities to ensure sustainable empowerment of women and youth.

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